Learn to design Portal Frames with Quikport's wizard based technology.

Course Duration: 100 minutes

Quiksoft's software products have been developed for more than 25 years and have been extensively used by professional engineers worldwide. Thanks to Mr. Paul Bennett, who has put in efforts to create this free course to benefit the Structural Design Engineering community.

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Skills you will develop

  • Mastering the design of steel portal frames, connections and 2D frames as per Eurocode.

    How to use Quiksoft's software products for the efficient design of steel structures.

  • Various ways of geometry and loads definition

    How to use Input Wizard for the fast input of geometry and loading for standard portals. Automatic wind and snow load generation. Also use of unique cad like input to sketch your frames and loading.

  • Automatic load combination definition and optimization of sections

    Using Design Wizard you will be able to generate all loading combinations, sizing sections and automatically adding the optimum purlin/rail stays.

  • Analysis types

    Perform analysis of your choice from the existing elastic, rigorous minimum weight and elastic-plastic design methods including 2nd order effects..

  • Design for Eurocode and BS

    You can design as per EN 1993-1-1 and BS5950. You can also choose UK and Singapore NA for Eurocode.

  • Performing stability checks

    Using Check Wizard you can perform automatic frame and member stability checks, including in-plane stability to BS5950:Part 1:2000, EN 1993-1

  • Atutomatic report generation. Comprehensive on-screen and printed output with links to CAD via DXF and CIS/2

    Once the design is completed , instantly generate ready to submit brief and comprehensive reports. Detailed calculation reports include various codes clauses and formulas.

  • Automatic Connections design using Quikjoint

    Learn how to speedup your connections design using Quikjoints' Automatic Connection Design Wizard. Design your connections in minutes!!! Transfer analysis results from Quikport to Quikjoint for automatic connection design.

  • Complete your PEB structure design with Quikframe

    Learn how to use Quikframe to complete the other components of your PEB/steel structure.

Course curriculum

Learn how to Design and Optimize Steel Portal Frames within 2 hours !

  • 1

    Getting started with Quikport

    • Portal Frame Design - An introduction to Quikport

  • 2

    Portal frame design and optimisation (Eurocode) with Quikport

    • Portal Frame Design - Quikport's Input Wizard

    • Portal Frame Design - Quikport's Load Case and Combinations Wizard

    • Portal Frame Design - Quikport's Design Wizard

    • Portal Frame Design - Quikport's Check Wizard

    • Portal Frame Design - The power of Quikport

    • Portal Frame Design - Exporting from Quikport to Quikjoint for connection design

    • Before we begin the next chapter, let us take a small quiz

  • 3

    Design of Steel Connections (Eurocode) with Quikjoint

    • Design of steel connections using Quikjoint

    • Design of moment connections using Quikjoint

    • Design of steel splice connections using Quikjoint

    • Before we begin the next chapter, let us take a small quiz

  • 4

    Design of steel frames (Eurocode) with Quikframe

    • Quikframe: An introduction to frame analysis for structural engineers

    • Quikframe: Structural design using Eurocode

    • Quikframe's advanced features

    • Congratulation on successful completion of the course. Kindly provide us your feedback to improve the course content.

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Course Overview

What will my learning journey look like ?

  • Narrated Videos

    Become an expert with on-demand access to 2 hours of learning content narrated by structural engineers for structural engineers.

  • Free 28 days full trial license of Quikport, Quikjoint & Quikframe

    Complimentary 28 days Quikport, Quikjoint and Quikframe licenses to practice the designs you learn at your own pace.

  • Certificate + Online Community Access

    Get a certificate of completion and join like-minded aspiring design engineers for discussion in our closed group forum. Unlock opportunities together.


Paul Bennett, Managing and Technical Director, Quiksoft UK

Course Creator

Paul Bennett

Paul left school at the age of 16 to become an apprentice structural steel draughtsman with a leading UK steel fabricator. After completing his apprenticeship and part-time ONC, HNC qualifications, he became a full-time student and attained a BSc.(Hons) in Civil engineering from the University of Portsmouth. On returning, he worked alongside a skilled mentor converting and developing software for structural steel design, initially for mini, but later for microcomputers. This period of five years he considers his second apprenticeship. In 1986 Paul identified an opportunity for an advanced portal frame design program that worked in accordance with the then-new BS5950 design standard and set about writing this in his spare time. The program worked under MSDOS for the then-popular IBM PC and its clones. In 1988 Paul left full-time employment to become a software author and what was to become the Quiksoft library of programs was born. It’s Paul’s unique practical, academic, and computer experience that makes the Quiksoft programs so engineer-friendly.

Why take the course ?

This course has been crafted for all PEB / Steel Structural design professionals practicing the design as per Eurocode. It can also lay the foundation for the design of steel structures and unlock work opportunities globally.

  • Avoid mistakes and know “DOs” and “DON’Ts” of using Quiksoft for PEB / Steel Structures.

  • Exponentially increase your productivity in generating portal frame designs.

  • Network with a private student community of engineers and design professionals to open up new opportunities together.

  • Enhance your credibility in the eyes of employers, colleagues, customers, contractors and authorities.

  • Get a certificate of course completion which clearly sets you apart.

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