Do you want to learn how to design connections with IDEA StatiCa Steel?

Everything you need to know about IDEA StatiCa Steel in one single comprehensive course. Intended for all structural engineers and connection designers who wish to understand the principles of IDEA StatiCa and become immediately productive.
idea statica connection design course

Why study IDEA StatiCa Campus official courses?

  • Avoid mistakes and know "DOs" and "DON'Ts" of using IDEA StatiCa for connection design.

  • Exponentially increase your productivity in connection design.

  • Enhance your credibility in the eyes of colleagues, customers, contractors, and authorities.

  • Get a worldwide applicable IDEA StatiCa user certification which clearly sets you apart.

  • Stand out from the crowd of job applicants with a highly valuable skill for your future employer.

What you will learn?

Master steel connection design with these lessons today! Get a globally recognised certificate issued by IDEA StatiCa on completion of the course.

  • How to use IDEA StatiCa software from entry to the most advanced level.

  • Design and code-check your welded and bolted steel connections, footings and anchoring of various geometry and loading.

  • Obtain critical information about the connection design and its compliance with the code (AISC, Eurocode, etc.).

  • Understand the design assumptions of IDEA StatiCa and how to interpret them. Get familiar with the Component-based Finite Element Method (“CBFEM”).

  • Optimize connection design configuration while keeping the design code-compliant.

  • How IDEA StatiCa works with programs like SAP2000 and ETABS, Tekla Structures, Autodesk Advance Steel, Revit.